Dr. Munira Al Maazmi



Dr. Munira is Consultant Neonatologist at Al Jalila Children’s. After graduating from medical school in the UAE, she moved to Cologne, Germany, where she completed her specialised training in general paediatrics. She then joined the University Hospital in Ulm, Germany, sub-specialising in Neonatology.

Dr. Almaazmi then returned to UAE where she established herself as a Consultant Neonatologist, before seeking further qualification in paediatric cardiac intensive care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, she gained qualifications in paediatric-neonatal critical ultrasound. Dr. Munira has received training and certification in Prechtl General Movement Assessment (GMA) in young infants. GMA is a non-invasive and cost-effective way to identify neurological issues which may lead to cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. Dr. Almaazmi has a special interest in Neonatal Hemodynamics, Functional ECHO – point of care ultrasound, and neonatal palliative care.

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