Before your Visit

What makes Al Jalila Children’s special?

We do not just care for children (our patients); we care for their families too. We are always prepared, whether it is a routine outpatient appoint, a day visit or an overnight stay in hospital, we are here to look after the whole family. Coming to hospital can be a scary thought, so that is why we place such importance on things like art and play – our brand line says it all – “a place where I can be a child."

Why might you be referred to Al Jalila Children’s?

Although most of our patients come from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai in particular, we treat children and young people from all over the GCC and many other countries. We are a children’s speciality hospital, so you may be referred to us because our professional staff are specialists in children’s health.

For parents

Things to think about if your child is being admitted for treatment, day case surgery or an operation as an inpatient Check your child’s admission letter.

If your child is being admitted for an operation, it is really important to follow the eating and drinking instructions given to you by the caregiver. There are special instructions for babies under 12 months. Different instructions are to be followed for all patients over 12 months. If you do not follow these instructions, the procedure may be cancelled or delayed. Your child’s stomach must be completely empty when surgery starts. This is to prevent serious problems during surgery.

Certain procedures carry an increased risk if the patient is pregnant. All hospitals, including children’s hospitals, are required to check for pregnancy before carrying out procedures such as anaesthesia and surgery. This applies to girls aged 12 years or older.

Please check on the following:

Make sure your child has removed all jewellery, nail varnish and makeup – it can interfere with medical equipment. Make a list of what you might need to bring whilst you are in hospital. For most surgical procedures, your child will be able to wear his or her own pyjamas, as long as they are made from cotton and have no metal fasteners. Food is allowed in the surgical day case ward for patients only, but after they have had their operations.

Preparing for an Operation

You will receive all the information you need before the date of the operation. At the outpatient appointment where we schedule the procedure, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns. We also have a pre-admission clinic that we might ask you to attend if your child has other medical conditions.
Your admission letter will tell you where to go on the day of surgery.
Before your admission date it is important to take a look at the following things to do:

Safe surgery at Al Jalila Children’s

Knowing your child needs an operation can be a distressing and anxious time. You will probably have many questions to ask and you will want to know that your child is receiving excellent care. Al Jalila Children’s is proud to inform you that we comply with the most stringent international standards. This means we are extremely serious about performing surgery to the highest standards of safety.

Pre-Admission Clinics – an opportunity to meet the team

For some surgical procedures, you may be asked to attend a pre-admission clinic to help you understand your child’s operation and ask all the questions you need to ask.

Who you can talk to if you have questions or need advice

On the day of an operation, you will have the opportunity to meet clinical staff involved in your child’s procedure. Our clinicians understand you have questions and concerns, and your first opportunity to discuss the operation will come at the outpatient appointment where we arrange the procedure.

Pre-op call

Day case surgery
A day case surgery nurse will talk to you a few days before the procedure to discuss when you should arrive at the hospital and the last times for eating and drinking. The nurse will be happy to answer questions you may have.

Accepted Insurance

Al Jalila Children’s is a Dubai government owned hospital, and offers care to all holders of health insurance from most health insurance providers in the United Arab Emirates. Please consult both your provider and our capable call centre staff to confirm if your plan covers treatment at Al Jalila Children's. If you have any questions you can reach us on 800 2524.

UAE Nationals with Saada/ Al Madallah Dubai Government Plan/ Enaya will be able to avail of the following benefits.

  1. Co-payment waived off for covered policies at Al Jalila Children’s
  2. Mental Health Unit (benefits) if uncovered or denied by insurance, will be covered by Al Jalila Children’s and all such charges will be part of the waived off package


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