Two UAE Boys Avoid a complicated Open Heart Surgery with ‎a Unique Cath procedure at Al Jalila Children’s ‎

Heart Centre of Excellence Team Opts for Pulmonary Valve Implant Through Cardiac Catheterization 

Al Jalila Children’s Heart Centre of excellence team announced a new medical achievement by implementing a unique and innovative catheterization procedure for two UAE boys who were suffering from complex Congenital Heart disease. Mohamed, 14 years old and Harbi 11 years old ordeal started from the day they were born, and went through a complex open heart surgery when they were infants, but both were scheduled for a further open heart surgery and Valve Replacement.

Post careful examination of the two cases by a multi-disciplinary team at Al Jalila Children’s, the Cath team, headed by Dr. Mahmoud Soufi, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist, decided to opt for a unique medical procedure, whereby they implanted the valve (pulmonary valve) by cardiac Cath without resorting to an open heart surgery, thus avoiding all complications of that might arise from an open heart surgery.

Dr. Mohamed Al Awadhi, COO of Al Jalila Children’s said: “Being the only children hospital in UAE, we are committed to constantly finding and exploring new medical procedures that eliminates unnecessary risks for our children. We are very happy that our Cath team was able to perform this complex procedure with minimal risks. Seeing both Harbi and Mohamed leave our hospital with their families in great health is quite fulfilling."

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