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Frequently Asked Questions

My child will be away for two weeks and unable to attend during the program, can my child still attend this program?

No, due to the structure of the program, your child would need to attend for the full five weeks for them to make the most of it.

How do I sign up for the program?

You can sign up for the program by completing the referral form, which is available online ( Al Jalila Children’s Hospital Day Program Referral Form) and send it to Referrals can be received from healthcare professionals, parents/caregivers or the young person with consent from their legal guardian.

Where is the program located?

The program is provided in the Mental Health Centre of Excellence within Al Jalila Children’s, Al Jaddaf, Dubai, UAE. Location Map.

How long is the program?

The program operates for five weeks; 15th July to 16th. The Program serves two separate age groups:  7-12 and 12-17 year olds.  Each group attends two days per week.

On what evidence do we base our program?

Al Jalila Children’s Mental Health Day Program utilizes the structure created by Dr Irvin D. Yalom to deliver evidence based group interventions. We are continuously developing the program and working with families to be culturally appropriate while keeping in line with the scientific framework of group therapy.

Is it possible for me to sign all of my children up to the same program?

If the children are different age groups, they can be signed up for the same program and attend on different days. If they are in the same age group we would accept the child with higher need then give the option of the sibling coming back for another cycle of the Day Program.

What are the payment options for the program?

Our team is dedicated to health care accessibility. We will assist you with healthcare insurance claims, where necessary.  If your insurance provider does not cover your child attending the program, Al Jalila Children’s will work with you to find a payment option that suits you.

What does a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) mean?

A Multidisciplinary Team involves a range of healthcare professionals, from one or more disciplines, working together to deliver comprehensive care.

Can I stay with my child during the day?

You can join the parents group from 3:00pm to 4:30pm each Wednesday. This runs for five weeks from 15th July to 16th .

My child isn’t in the program, can I attend parent group?

Yes, there is a general parent support group for parents of children with challenges. All parents of children with mental or physical health needs can attend. A referral form would still need to be completed to register in the program, giving information about your child and their individual needs.  The form is available online ( Al Jalila Children’s Hospital Day Program Referral Form) and send it to



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