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At Al Jalila Children’s, our goal is to create a healthcare experience foremost with children and families in mind. An experience that is focused on a child’s unique physical and emotional needs and one that endeavours to ensure that every child has the best chance at a bright and healthy future. Our family of healthcare providers care about you and your family. Demonstrating compassion and respect, our healthcare teams strive to provide high quality, safe care in partnership with you and your family.

From primary care to intensive care we are more than just a hospital: We’re a health system just for kids.

We create an experience designed with kids and families in mind, a place focused on their unique physical and emotional needs. Every day, we go above and beyond to treat children and families with respect and compassion.


Before your Visit

What makes Al Jalila Children’s special?


We do not just care for children (our patients), we care for their families too. We are always prepared, whether it is a routine outpatient appointment, a day visit or an overnight stay in hospital, we are here to look after the whole family. Coming to a hospital can be a scary thought, that’s why we place much importance on things like art and play – our brand line says it all – “a place where I can be a child.”

Why might you be referred to Al Jalila Children’s?


Although most of our patients come from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai in particular, we treat children and young people from all over the GCC and many other countries. We are a children’s speciality hospital, so you may be referred to us because our professional staff are specialists in children’s health.

For parents


Things to think about if your child is being admitted for treatment, day case surgery or an operation as an inpatient Check your child’s admission letter.

If your child is being admitted for an operation, it is really important to follow the eating and drinking instructions given to you by the caregiver.

Speciality Wards

Most of the inpatient specialty wards at Al Jalila Children’s are on level three. The Child Mental Health ward is on the ground floor. The Rehab ward is on the first floor. The Heart Centre ward is on the second floor. You can find the wards easily by following way finding signage. If you are unsure, please ask a customer happiness team member for assistance.

If your child is being admitted for Cardiac, Neuro or Otolaryngology (ENT – Ear, Nose and Throat) surgery, there may be some extra information for you to familiarise yourself with. Please check with a member of the ward staff.
Patient rooms at Al Jalila Children’s
Our patient rooms have been designed to be inviting, warm, happy, calming, and educational. Most of our patient rooms are single rooms with lots of space and en-suite bathroom facilities. Patients and their family members are able to enjoy privacy. Our patient rooms are equipped  with control the light and temperature in their room. Every patient has access to an in-room entertainment system from his or her bed, with various entertainment options and parental access control.
What you need to know:

  • Make sure to check what your visiting hours are before you leave – these may vary from ward to ward
  • Each room has a special sleeper coach, so one parent or carer can stay overnight
  • Play areas are located in each ward, with outdoor space on each floor, allowing patients and families to enjoy fresh air and access to outdoor recreational areas
  • There is limited space for storage in the patient rooms. It is a good idea to only bring one small hand baggage sized bag
  • Patients will be able to choose from a varied menu and have their meals delivered when they want to eat
  • For parents, carers and visitors, hot and cold food is available from our food court on the first floor and a coffee shop in the main atrium. Pantry facilities are available on each specialty ward floor.


We are here to help. If you don’t understand something or have a question, then please call 800 2524.

Services and Facilities

Al Jalila Children’s was designed with a focus on making things a little easier for patients, their families and all our visitors. Our staff have been trained to assist you and to help out where and whenever they can. The main reception desk in the atrium provides a concierge service. We shall always endeavour to help with any questions.

You might also be interested to find out about the following services that we offer:

  • ATM – An ATM is available in the atrium.
  • Breastfeeding and Baby Change – Toilets and baby change rooms are located throughout the hospital. Patient rooms have en-suite facilities. Breastfeeding facilities are available in the Outpatient Department and on each inpatient floor.
  • Child Life Centre – The Child Life Centre programmes at Al Jalila Children’s focus on the social and emotional impact of illness and hospitalisation. Our Child Life Centre strives to promote a positive hospital experience for children.Child Life Centre specialists use play as a tool for socialisation, preparation, expression of feelings, normalisationand learning.


Our paediatric hospitalists are in-patient consultants dedicated to providing medical care for hospitalized children. If your child is admitted to Al Jalila Children’s, our hospitalists are available to provide care for your child 24/7. Our hospitalists have training in general pediatrics, so they are equipped to manage the most common pediatric illnesses, in addition have additional expertise in managing complex medical problems.

In complex cases which require additional subspecialist consults, our hospitalists will work closely with other consultants to ensure comprehensive care. They provide professional, compassionate, respectful, family-centered care to all patients. They ensure coordination of care with subspecialists and nurses, rapid follow up on test results, and clear communication of care plans with patient families.
Play Rooms and waiting rooms
The hospital has several playrooms for children. Primarily for patient use, siblings are welcome to use the playrooms with the permission of a unit staff nurse. Supervision is not provided for the playrooms so parents or an adult family member are responsible to watch over their child/children at all times.  Siblings are also invited to participate in any planned hospital supervised activities. To protect patients, a health screen must be completed for each sibling using a playroom that is also used by patients. Also available are family waiting areas throughout the organization to offer place, gather with family, rest, work, or read.
Breastfeeding/ Lactating Room
In support of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) initiative to increase the rate of breastfeeding worldwide,  four (4) breastfeeding rooms (Outpatient Department, Emergency Department, Paediatric ICU and the Neonatal ICU) are located throughout Al Jalila Children’s each supplied with an electrical breast pump and required consumables. Please make yourself comfortable, a TV is also available for your entertainment. Portable breast pumps are also available on the patient care units, to be utilized in the patient rooms as needed.
Most of our patient care units have a Patient Entertainment System (free of charge) at each patient bedside for providing enjoyment and a distraction for children. This includes television channels, games, and internet access. Names of your care team and healthcare goals for the day, education and other features will also be available in the near future. If you have any questions about this service please ask your nurse.
Mobile Phones / Wireless devices
Each patient room on the paediatric units has a telephone that can be used free of charge for local calls. Patients, families, and visitors are also permitted to use mobile phones and wireless devices throughout the hospital. Out of respect for other patients and to reduce noise levels, please ensure the volume is turned off, your phone is set to vibrate and that you keep voices low and conversations short in duration.  In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) calls are not to be received in the patient rooms, if you need to talk on the phone please proceed to the waiting areas located at the ICU entrances. Young children when unwell need a restful environment to promote healing.

You will also notice and see clinical staff using a small phone in addition to a device carried around their neck. Be assured this is not for personal use but rather this mode of communication known as ‘Vocera’ allows staff to locate and communicate vital healthcare information as needed to fellow colleagues in a timely and effective manner.
Food Court
The Food Court on the first floor of the hospital and a coffee shop in the atrium serve teas and coffees, hot and cold beverages, and food from a la carte menus from 7:30am each day (8.30am over weekends) and a range of fresh snacks, salads and sandwiches throughout the day, up to 10pm. There are vending machines available on each floor, 24 hours a day.
Health promotion
We think it’s important to encourage healthy eating and exercise and we do this in a fun, engaging way.

In collaboration with experts from our dentistry team and the clinical nutrition physiotherapy departments we are developing programmes to promote hands and mouth hygiene, healthy eating habits and healthy body (exercise) programmes. We encourage parents and siblings participation to support and assist patients.
Hospital Schooling
Al Jalila Children’s assists parents with the engagement of a learning institution to provide long term patients with an effective schooling system and a positive and enjoyable learning experience. Our in-room entertainment system provides online and digital facilities, allowing patients to participate in online and digital learning programmes.

Children who are well enough may have lessons in their ward from visiting teachers.
Interpreter Services
Support is available for patients and families who have language and communication needs. We will usually be told of the need for this service at the time of referral from your GP or healthcare practitioner.

Language interpreter services are available for face-to-face interpreting and telephone interpretation.
Media Centre
Our media centre, in the shape and form of a gigantic lady bird, is a therapeutic and an entertainment environment created for the express purpose of delivering high levels of stimuli to patients. State-of-the-art technology and sensory installations, combined with lighting effects, colours, textures, sounds and computer games provide stimulation for patients’ olfactory, auditory and gustatory systems, as well as movement and coordination stimulation.

The media centre assists patients and their families during their hospitalisation, illness, injury and treatment to make their hospital stay as comfortable as possible, as well as to ensure that the children’s developmental, emotional and psychological needs are being met while they are cared for at the hospital.
Music and Art Therapy
As well as having dedicated play therapists to entertain and distract our young patients, there are regular visits from artists, storytellers, musicians and magicians to not just entertain children, but to encourage their creative sides and boost their recovery.
Patient and Family Support Team
A confidential service is available to support the families and carers of patients, when any concerns or complaints cannot be addressed by ward or clinic staff. Contact one of our social workers on 800 2524 or drop us a line at with any question that you may have regarding a patient or family support.


The Outpatient Pharmacy is situated in the atrium, close to the escalators.
Prayer room
A prayer room is situated on the basement floor (B).

Our spiritual care team are available 24 hours a day to support, reassure and assist families of any faith.
Self-catering facilities
Each inpatient ward has an area near the patient rooms for parents to make hot and cold drinks, snacks, and chat with other parents.
Staying overnight
Patient bedrooms have been equipped with a special sleeper coach, so one parent or carer can stay overnight. Visiting hours for friends and families may vary by ward, so please check with staff.
Community Services
“It is far easier to build financial capital than it is to build intellectual, psychological and moral capital. Building a road or a bridge may take a year or two, but developing people takes a lifetime. Social development, in all its aspects, requires distinct programmes, outstanding performance, patience and special criteria for measurement and evaluation.”

– H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

In line with the Government of Dubai’s initiatives to develop the social sector and communities in Dubai, Al Jalila Children’s included in its strategic plan a set of objectives to promote healthcare in the UAE. We also have the health and wellbeing of communities at heart in countries in the Arab world (Yemen, in particular), Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and Asia, where we have embarked on philanthropic missions and healthcare programmes, including heart surgery and treatment of congenital heart conditions.
Facilities for the Disabled
Embracing the Government of Dubai’s initiative to be the world’s friendliest city for the disabled, Al Jalila Children’s supports the ‘My community … a city for everyone’ initiative. The initiative aims at empowering the disabled within an overarching framework that contributes to enhancing the effectiveness of existing projects and initiatives, and developing more initiatives of this sort in accordance with a vision that aims to maximise the participation and integration of individuals with disabilities in the community, and to create new opportunities for them.

Committed to bringing the Vision 2020 to reality, Al Jalila Children’s provides facilities for the disabled in and around the hospital and all our facilities.
Family services
We continue to develop services in and around the hospital to give patients and their families the best possible experience of Al Jalila Children’s. Social workers offer support and services to bereaved families, including counselling, support groups and the Child Death Helpline. Contact one of our social workers on 800 2524.

Additional Hospital Services


Age appropriate wheelchairs are available at the security front desk upon request or you may ask your unit care nurse.
Stay connected via Al Jalila Children’s complimentary guest wireless network available to patients, families and visitors. To connect, sign on to AJCH-GUEST wireless network.
Meds to Beds
The Al Jalila Children’s Meds to Beds is a programme where a clinical pharmacist comes to the unit with your child’s discharge prescription medication and discusses with you and your child education regarding:

  • The reason your child has been prescribed each medication
  • Any concerns you may have about the actual medication and/or how the medication is to be taken


Nutritional Services
The Nutrition Department strives to provide healthy, balanced, child-friendly meals that appeal to children. Menus are rotated on a daily basis and printed in both Arabic and English language.

If a child is required to be placed on a special dietary regime, our dieticians or nurses will explain what that means. Patients who have food allergies, are on special diets, or who have dietary requirements such as a vegetarian or lactose free diet and those with conditions such diabetes, celiac disease and cystic fibrosis are provided with personalised menus.


Leaving the Hospital

Your care team will discuss discharge plans with you. Feel free to ask questions, such as:

  • What goals does your child need to meet to be discharged?
  • Can the team predict when you will be able to go home?
  • What preparations will you need to make?
  • We suggest you write down your questions as you think of them.
  • If your child’s hospital stay is short and uncomplicated, planning for discharge is a simple process. If the hospital stay is longer and more complicated, you may need to make special arrangements.

We will help you every step of the way:

If your child needs medicine at home, you can fill prescriptions in the hospital pharmacy, or we can email them to your pharmacy before you leave

If your child needs special equipment or visits by a homecare nurse, we will provide a list of homecare companies approved by your insurance. We will work with you and the company you choose to make sure you have the equipment, supplies, medicines and support you need.

We will provide training to help you feel confident that you can go home safely and that you know how to perform treatments or procedures your child might need at home.

If you have a query or a concern

Our customer care staff are there to help sort out questions and concerns you may have or drop us a line 800 25 24.

To improve our services, we care to listen to what matters to our patients and their families, making changes, when and where appropriate. Our customer care staff will also advise you about making a complaint and refer you to our Complaints Services.

Write an email to us on You may also call us on 800 25 24. If the team are helping other families you may need to leave a voicemail. We will return your call as soon as we are able to do so.


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