Department of Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation team at Al Jalila Children’s works collaboratively using a family-centred, evidence-based approach to enhance the level of care provided to patients. Besides providing specialized inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programmes, our treatment plans are patient-centred and we work together with the family and patient in order to achieve success. The Rehabilitation Department at Al Jalila Children’s is manned by a multi-disciplinary team that includes highly trained professionals with a variety of skills.

Occupational Therapists
Our Occupational Therapists help children achieve their maximum potential in all activities of daily living. Activities of daily living consist of everything children do in self-care, through play and in school. Occupational therapists make use of purposeful activities during treatment and are able to adapt these and prescribe assistive devices that help children to be more functional in living out everyday tasks.

Speech and Language Therapists
Al Jalila Children’s has a team of Speech and Language Therapists that specialises in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders (speech disorders and language disorders), cognitive-communication disorders, and swallowing disorders. The team also plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder in coordination with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre of Excellence.

A physiotherapist’s role in rehabilitation is to identify what prevents a child from moving or developing as they should and correct this to the best of the child’s ability. This is achieved through structured play activities to strengthen certain muscle groups and to teach certain movements.

Chest physiotherapy and breathing exercises are also an essential part of rehabilitation provided by our physiotherapists and help children with a variety of different diagnoses to loosen and remove phlegm from the lungs. This helps children breathe more easily and recover from a chest illness more quickly.

Orthotics and Prosthetics
Prosthetists and orthotics assess, diagnose, treat, and manage a broad range of problems associated in particular with the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems. They work collaboratively with other health-care professionals to provide integrated treatment. We evaluate, design, custom fit and manufacture all types of orthotics, or braces, and prosthetics, or artificial limbs.

Our Orthotics and Prosthetics services addresses the needs of children and teenagers with conditions that require orthotic or prosthetic intervention. We care for children who have:

✓ Traumatic brain injury

✓ Neurological disorders

✓ Limb deficiency and limb sparing

✓ Cerebral palsy

✓ Spina bifida

✓ Scoliosis

✓ Plagiocephaly


Naomi Keyser

Team Leader - Occupational Therapist

Tanja Bosch

Senior Occupational Therapist

Anjanet Liebenberg

Occupational Therapist

Karien van der Mescht

Occupational Therapist

Jean Maher

Occupational Therapist

Elijah Okall

Occupational Therapist

Zulfiquar Ali

Occupational Therapist

Katy Prudhomme du Hancourt

Occupational Therapist

Tammilee Pike


Noleen de Jager


Caryn Campbell


Ahmed Elgendy


Eurose Majadas


Vaishnavi shetty


Manoj Chevari


Sunil Prem Shankar


Georgia Bruce-Jones


Mpho Monese

Speech and Language Pathologist

Syed Irtaza Amir Hassan Kazmi


Mick Paolo Emplica Abaya

Rehabilitation Aide

Hanin Omar

Speech and Language Pathologist

Tiffy George Roy

Speech and Language Therapist

Karen Golightly

Speech and Language Pathologist

Sara Elmenoufy

Speech and Language Therapist


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