Anaesthesia (General/ Local/Regional) & Monitored Anaesthesia Care

Anaesthesia (General/ Local/Regional) & Monitored Anaesthesia Care

Anesthesiologists use a wide variety of drugs, in multiple combinations, in order to ensure that patients remain comfortable, relaxed and free of pain during surgery or other procedures. Drugs administered by anesthesiologists are categorized as follows:

  • Local anaesthetics: Block transmission of nerve impulses without causing unconsciousness.
  • General anaesthetics: Bring about a state of unconsciousness.
  • Analgesics:  Relieve pain of patients before, during or after surgery.
  • Sedatives: Bring about relaxation/calmness in a patient and reduce anxiety; higher doses can also be used to induce sleep.
  • Muscle Relaxants:  Work to paralyze skeletal muscles in order to facilitate intubation or surgery.


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